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lirik lagu starlight – euroz


still here
still searching, still planting seeds
better for us. i still get my life from my source

[verse 1]
ay, i took my foot up off the gas. i’m about to mash it again
i don’t rap about my past because i’m actually him
ran into a local rapper thought what happened to him
meanwhile we poppin’ champagne after the wins
i took a brief intermission but it’s back to the winds
here to stay while they fade jordan after the spin
n*gga playing with my bread up it’s back to the pen
your favourite rapper built careers off cap ‘n pretend
the rear view is pitch black as i look back at my sins
mccarran to lax but then it’s back to the sand
i never switched, move or turn my back on this end
this whole beat go down in flames because he gassin’ again
i’m still pushing my sound while they practice the trends
the cloth is different doubt they ever make this fabric again
a lot of n*ggas that i know is out here trapping to spend
the off season’s just another season it’s back to the gym
isolator’s back up and running and i backed it with tin
i got ten roll back*to*back now pass me the henn (ay)
told him passed me the henn
forever grateful cause i know it all will gradually end
it ain’t no standing still we gotta make moves
and anybody in our way we gotta make move
living everyday like i’m about to see my grave soon
and i don’t speak on future plans just tell them stay tuned
multi*million dreams do you feel the vibes
eternal peace is the reward that’s the inner prize
i’m boutta turn my [?] into an enterprise
what i do inside the booth should give me ten to life
deja*vu in real time feel like i live it twice
doing me until the reaper come and hit the lights
’til the reaper come and hit the lights
know what you want, but don’t sell your soul it still applies
yeah, yeah
there was nothing that wasn’t worth this sacrifice
it gets hard to sleep cause these dreams keep me up at night
never walked in my shoes nor seen life through these eyes
in my darkest times i was guided by starlights (starlights, starlights)

i was guided by starlight (guided by starlights)
dark skies, bright starlight
i was guided by starlight (guided by starlights)
dark skies, bright starlight
i was guided by starlight (guided by starlights)

i realize to keep ahold of this, is attachment
so i let go without attachments
give with no regrets
actions reveal intentions
new habits create new outcomes
just tryna stay sane, keep my sense of self

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