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our way through silence - evergrey lyrics


[verse 1]
i always feel so misplaced
but never know the cause
i’ve always tried to find a way in
and always found myself lost
some days i feel like i can’t stand my face
sometimes so strong i’ll chase the pain away

i fought my way through silence
to end up in this emptiness
the lies…
the lies that i wrote was all
i had to fill the emptiness
to somehow feel i was okay
so i lied and thought i had fooled you all

[verse 2]
i know that i was often lost in myself
i guess that you were the same just somewhere else
i always thought we’d had the time that we lost come back
convinced to the end we watched our sun set
i was calling you were leaving
i was stretching so far without you seeing me
i was drowning in a sea of pain
you were gazing at the sky for rain
we fought our way through silence
we fell so hard and suddenly
the lies…
the lies that we wrote was all
we had to fill the emptiness
that we both had to feel okay
we wrote lies and thought that we’d fooled you all

we were caught in the rain
we were falling and frozen
but we were feeling the same
like our hearts had been broken
now i just feel like i have nothing at all but this emptiness

[guitar solo: tom englund]
[guitar solo: henrik danhage]

how do we fight this emptiness?
can i become someone else?
because i’m tired
so tired of being this lost
if all we have is nothingness
and what we feel is not okay
can’t have these lies to be my purpose to carry on

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