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lirik lagu moor – every time i die


pay no mind to the stranger in the 4am
he’s not the one we know and he knows
i slept through the war you waged with him for a little bit
until he cracked your bones and you had to let go

so i make believe i discovered peace
but i’ll skin the man alive and sell the meat
i’ll wait in the dirt where he left your blood
if he returns for it he can make a bag for blood
oh, how i wish he would

love’s showing me i was mummified
that’s been here a while
so i plan to keep a watch or go on the ones around
and they’re always around, they’re more violent than us
i have eyes of every color now (and they’re vigilant)
it doesn’t matter who knocks, you don’t let them in
there are terrible men, i’m one, so i should know

heaven smiles on me every now and then
but the devil always had one scent

(chorus x2)
all i want is his head and this horrible f-cking world
will be wonderful again
there’s so much beauty in love and when i eat his beating heart
i can bring it back to us

there’s nothing that i couldn’t do except cover you
when slings and arrows came and i’ve never been the same
the same