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the red carpet - evidence lyrics


(feat. raekwon & ras k-ss)

[verse 1: evidence]
i set it off in the sunny distance, no days existed
my patience led the way until the greatest love listened to me
i used to play the witness, wait in the trenches
it’s like the 6th man, sits on different benches
it’s hard squeezing life in a sentence
and if i do, roll carpet with the red tint
my entrance is what’s between
when i exit, it’s evidence left on the scene
alchemist cut the record down to the bone
and with a record like this i take the world by storm
sky blessed, the land of the brave
understand where i stand, my hand is made
from br double-o klyn, the planet
family landed, managed to raise the man that i became
panic on my first campaign
but when the words fell to place, i was certain to reign
i hit the purple, then step in the circle and start flexin’
weatherman invented, now storms change directions
portions of my proceeds is feeding my homies now
i always shared pretty good for an only child
i was the baby boy, i could do no wrong
now the role’s reversed, i’m putting people on
they on welfare, you got healthcare
they used to have their priorities elsewhere
i took rims and tires and traded them
for a ticket to an island, that’s where
i wrote this rhyming
where i first saw my vision
driven by a better living, a place to raise kids in
so i think like i rule the world
on the brink of something bigger, building schools
for boys and girls
the thought of home gets me out of my bed
i said you got the tools?
get them sh-ts up out of the shed. c’mon!

[verse 2: raekwon]
i’m like the indispit of rhyming
the jack dempsey emcee
all my sh-t customed out
[?] eventually
money is made, fly blades
a woman with brains, will help a black n-gg- reign
my lifestyle’s a prowler
a rich loaner, owner
used to pump at coffees shops
had my b-tch who sell with me rolling up
fly -ss and still cl-ssy
asking questions like “why you wait on that gl-ss?
why would you splash me? ”
yo, it’s only n-gg- sh-t
i’m a teach you like how i was taught too
hold the phone, ward 2
seeing all kinds of grey fossils
colossal juice, pick the house, act fly
i got you. no need to walk backwards
f-ck with the taxes
i speak credibility, the story to m-sses
yo, a diplomatic winner, nik boots
a scully good denim jean on and one rental

[verse 3: r-ss k-ss]
they say you only live once, i disagree
you only live twice: your life enable your seed
so i lead on whacks and feed em the deeds
so when i die they got a foundation on my publishing b
plus the words that i speak, here’s my family jewels
it ain’t all blood diamonds, but like experienced fools
and i be rhyming cool, but my philosophy’s deep
like a dear john letter, so read em and weep
and the wolf smells blood: you can feed em to me
but i’m a lycan underworld, you can meet in the street
draw heat, but what happened to peace?
he got a dirty sanchez, like what happened to screech
jesus, diarrhea’s – i mean holy sh-t
christ on a cracker, that’s just how we spit
communion: had the wine, make the sign of the cross
and i will live in the past, chalk it up as a loss
went from “please listen to my demo! ”
to stretch limo
to the penn in a cell watching eminem on jimmy kimmel
but i can’t go out like timbo slice
like geena korrano, a cyborg determinate
mano a mano, still ronald mcdonald
over one billion served
but it’s up to me to get what i deserve
so i handle my biz and hustle harder than the norm
the early bird gets the worm, but the hawk gets the bird…

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