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lirik lagu 40 acres and a hearse – evil empire


i eat yuppies for breakfast
with an appet-te bigger than texas
wish my 3rd grade teacher could see me
i kill cops cuz i watch too much t.v.

every time you go to the bank
you give the murderers someone to thank
invest your money in stocks and bonds
save for a future that’s already gone
the governments arming a m-ss of sheep
the dead are concealed beneath a great sheet
quilted with money, lies and deceit
put your cash here and someone will bleed
banks are robbing foreign nations
your money supplying annihilation
put your money in a holocaust bond
the price of human life is bound to drop
every time you go to the store all you buy is…bullsh-t
every time you drive your car, all you do is…bullsh-t
every time you watch tv all you see it ….bullsh-t
every time you go to the bank our future becomes…bullsh-t