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lirik lagu masochistic copromania – exhumed


the sterilized scalpel glistens in the light, plasma issues forth as it
plunges into my skin, slicing the meat, i gleefully smile, covering my body
with carefully made incisions… the epidermis snaps back to make way for a
gaping hole, osseous tissue revealed as sanguinary fluid flows, my stomach
painfully contracts as i regurgitate, glazing my exposed dermis with acidic
vomitate… defecation in hand, clutching moist feces, stuffing the sh-t, in
my freshly made slits… splashing about, basted in blood, avulsed flesh drips
from my lacerations, my fetish is fed, to skillfully rend, sublime pain,
m-s-ch-stic satisfaction… blood drenched stool lines my wounds, the odor of
decaying discharge looms, the fecalith acts as my suture, my cuts erupt in
gangrenous sores…