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lirik lagu ex-spectations – expand the mind


[verse 1]
opened up
ripped off my own bow to stuff i thought i had wrapped
for safe keeping
but i’m comfortable here
deface meaning
and comfort starts to disappear
i’m well aware of my ex *spectations
that’s why i’m disappointed, enraged with bs
plans broken over molten molds i had thought sacred
i had fought stages of insanity or can it be?
just to be loving you, baby
energy pushed in a direction where no one accepts it
doesn’t get anyone anywhere, just causes more tension
i loved you and hated you but never vented, kept my mouth shut to show you i was capable of standing by and pretending
since i could tell you as well were about some pretend sh*t
i admit i was scared to believe anything was gonna last longer than ten seconds
didn’t stand by my decisions when stressing
and it’s funny how you were the same
couldn’t make a decision to save the day
a lifetime of strange ways
mis understood and never checking off the boxes on your pages of success
this should be your belief when you complete stages of stressing
but it seemed to break us and make us into who we’re supposed to be
i’m joyful to know fo sho that i’m now rooted
filed my life’s foul movements into lessons learned instead of weight smelling like foul sewage
i love the masses and the crowd starts moving
put my heart into it
[sample chorus]
(didn’t i treat you right, now?) (didn’t i?)
(didn’t i give you everything?) (didn’t i?)
(didn’t i treat you right, now?) (didn’t i?)
(tried my best just to [?]) (didn’t i?)

i know you
i know a lot

[verse 2]
a lot of ways that we’re alike
regardless became less guarded due to you in my life
new view more loving and less strategy, right?
at ease when it comes to a fight between you and me
we brutally pick apart the plot
sorry i walked into a sharp knife like cuts could stop the kid
as an adult i know you see me rocking it
can’t you see i have to believe in me before i can treat you like a queen?
i only wish for you to love yourself and share the beauty that resides inside you
a light to vibe to but if we ain’t meant to be then i guess we gon’ see
what happens when passion resides as the ultimate feat
disclosure in heat honesty within me and honestly i feel like what we’ve built is a big deal
ain’t just another game spinning the big wheel of chance
let’s work the plans, teamwork the stance and take life on
we can make love to the sound of music
experience what we go through and oh well, it was a nice thought
i suppose you ready to go
another opportunity has you hitting the road
i feel that, pack my bags and put another mark on my soul
ain’t no gps coordinates for where i’m trying to go
[sample chorus]
(didn’t i treat you right, now?) (didn’t i?)
(didn’t i give you everything?) (didn’t i?)
(didn’t i treat you right, now?) (didn’t i?)
(tried my best just to [?]) (didn’t i?)