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lirik lagu lucid dreams – ez pennybagz [pennies]


ez pennybagz- lucid dreams (prod. by inspecta morze)

once i stood on the block loose cracks produced stacks, i cooked up and cut small pieces to get my loot back..
back in 96′ i was young as sh-t, pumpin’ hov & nas, look how we evolved..
get money get my mind right, take my time till the times right..
now i’m maxin’, straight chillin’.. cold illin’.. with the love of my life..
success is the love of my life, so much so i made her my wife, she ain’t a b-tch but she can be the ambi..
keeps the skin tone glowin’, you’ll still catch a shot to the dome, it ain’t a game b-tch i’m ridd-ck raised. an i’m davis made. an i’m cali paid. are you not amazed..
shadow boxin’ in a pine box, lucid dreams seein’ vivid schemes..
i’m feenin’ for wealth and f-ck ya’ll i’ll get it myself a cold world b-tch i’m rollin’ for delph i know you see me homie..
high as f-ck on the on the outer cuff, of the galaxy you askin’ me?
not a d-mn thang changed.. a few knocked for sellin’ that cane. a few shot over owin’ some change see its the same sh-t..
same b-tch with the same clique, same block its the same snitch..
its a vicious cycle, psychopaths take the physic path..
wise words from a jaded past, but i’m past that i’m past maps google earth app on my iphone..
hit the crib and i ain’t home, lamp laid in a different zone.. the time that is and you don’t know what time that is..
if you don’t know you can’t snitch, snitchin’ is a habit that you can’t kick, kick it with snitches i bet you get life..
life sentence in a packed prison, readin’ mail in a lonely cell, d-mn where did you fail..
failures not a option you opt in you gotta know the cops watchin’, if the spot jukes..
missin’ meals for a record deal, i need a bill b-tch you know the deal, this is real life..
sort of the like the rhymes i write, you see the truth when the times get tight and that’s a sure thing..