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lirik lagu 5:55 – f5



i apologize…to the mother i…take for granted
though she’ll never understand it
true meaning of a gambit
only dealing what i’m handed
feeling like a bandit, reeling in my mind
like, never mind my manners, still learning what a man is
your heart, i abused it, borderline intrusive
beg heaven for a sign, the angels sure to be elusive
more than just a nuisance
you gave ya son…several long ropes & i used em all as nooses
conscious of the contraband i’m using
figured drugs that keep me lucid put me closer to where zeus lives
deemed it apathy apparently, my conscience screams
demons couldn’t be defeated by no constantine
i mean, i’m trying to paint a picture since the verbs is lost
seems he switched teams, but i couldn’t get the jersey off
i’m screaming out the devil is a lie
then the devil in the skies calls at 5:55
godd-mn!!! why i can’t shake this sh-t
tell me why i can’t hate this b-tch
sh-t had me floored then he implores me in fact to fall back
way shorty chase after you would think that i’m a catch
she trying to get me inside her
im saying baby girl i can’t be ya provider
know it’s dead wrong, honey swearing we a match
i ain’t stringing em along still they getting too attached
i tell em all what to expect of me
playing referee to rescue me, ma i ain’t a refugee
i’d be better off if they thought less of me
giving all i got, you getting whatever’s left of me
gods testing me, i go, that’s when they all appear
tough to stay low, out of sight inside this gorgons lair
made a decision last night that i would die for it..
d-mn ma, you can’t respect i didn’t lie for it
a few chicks been the bane of my existence
pained by my indifference, i keep em at arms distance
kosher on my table, chopped and screwed
i’m emotionally available, but not for you
my favorite ex said i’m just okay
fast forward, way rawer, so she gon press play
when i’m on i’m in the windy under clear blue skies
see if she down with one mo’ time
if it’s no i’m fine
missed calls, it’s procrastinated negligence
watch him turn tardy into fashionable reverence
room full of elephants, the wardrobe is elegance
elevate ya ears with exasperated eloquence
take you where you the sands white checking in my skeletons
it’s h-lla sins, this what being a buck sounds like
pressing luck, nah that ain’t the role i champion
switched it up, you’ll never know which rolls that i’m lampin’ in
son will ride for the people that i nurse
souls tinted, thru my eyes you ain’t seen a better he-rs-
shifting into first, like i’m living in reverse
why my evil won’t disperse, from my shoulder, sh-t is perched…
stuck in my ways, why he flex like that
yeah i seen ya text, i was gon get right back
sip saki, steamed scallops at a luncheon
keep it so low n-body know we in the function
whiskey for consumption, cup of lean, plus the fit is clean
every lights red when you ahead, watch the guillotines
like a lycan if ya movements ain’t their liking
get abusive with the typing, what’s some bruises to a viking?
its…mona lisa’s, do you own or lease her
so ill with the matic you’ll condone the ether
pulmonary darts, while we scurry from the narcs
chef curry from the arc, this is culinary art
stove of leftovers, ambiance is dark
don’t save it, tear this whole sh-t down and repave it