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lirik lagu hatred – face down


intact is what i am
full weight not missing a gramme
got the power to blow it all away
att-tude a part of the game
you and me are not the same
i’m superior in every way

why can’t you see
you’re where i want you to be
i hope you see it my way
your end will come, you will see

feel the strength, why can’t you see?
i am the one i want to be
i am a one man war machine
know me, touch me
love me, fear me
what is and ever will be
i am the bringer of it all

why can’t you see…

used to think i could take a stand
but now my hatred has got the upper hand
the situation’s beyond control
the hatred is burning my mind and my soul
yeah, you better believe it
see you around, you’re gonna receive it
i have come to rip and shred
the hate is for myself

violence is my language
hate is my right hand
i am death incarnated

don’t make the mistake
hear my lesson in hate

you know i will