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lirik lagu faith – familia


you gotta stay strong
don’t let it take long
right place right time i’m at the spot
i heard it’s not lonely at the top

right now i’m used to that
always on my own i’m used to that
when i’m with my dawgs we misusing that
i like my side smart like miss universe (whuuu)

main thing that’s same hood
we on the same page i got my own book,her too
wake up in the morning like where to
n*gga still breathing so i’m grateful

i’m grateful
teach me how to pray too
it’s painful
teach me how to pray too

teach me how to pray pray
now (teach me)
teach me how to stay stay now
teach me how how to stay strong now
teach me how how to be the man now
im falling in the deep
im falling in the deep
ain’t n0body wanna help me
but its cool im a man now
yeah yeah im the the man
im the man now

i think about the life choices that i made
will they take me high will they take me down
and i think about the lost days that i’ve lost
will they come again?
will they come again?(yeah yeah)
n0body can break my spirit now
n0body can break my soul
coz im shining now
im a shooting star
baba let’s go man i’m shooting stars yeah

they wanna bring me down
but they won’t
they wanna see me down
but they won’t
im moving like a storm man
im moving like a thunder
im too strong for the world man im a god
man im the godyeah
man im the god right now
man im the king right now
im the king forever and ever