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lirik lagu hip hopper – fbg duck


[i’m play too much but that’s just what the f-ck i come from]
[for real]
[gang, gang]

few years back
yeah, i got stabbed
by a lil dumb b-tch, her name corey
y’all know me, i like to play with them choppers
but kobe just bought them a 40
they said i’m a b-tch
they say i won’t do sh-t, man, them n-gg- telling a story
i’m trying to get rich
f-ck all that trying to diss
cause them n-gg-s not that important
long as i’m here
all of my n-gg-s that locked up never miss a meal, meal, meal
i lost scr-p five minutes before i pulled up
you don’t known how i feel, b-tch

sticking in
i swear you don’t want to get hit with it
they talking sour like business
this sh-t like i’m talk like to split lemons

[verse 1]
i f-ck with trappers
i don’t like rappers
cause most of these n-gg-s be so d-mn g-y
don’t want to get weight, get the f-ck out my way
when i come through, these n-gg-s behave
march through your mother f-cking block
100 deep like a d-mn parade
sh-t in my hand so loaded
lets play a game of charades
you better watch how you stare
that’s your little b-tch, i don’t care
f-ck her from the back while i’m pulling here hair
you homie got k!lled
you p-ssy n-gg- came over giving out lean shots
my homie got k!ll
we coming through your hood giving out head shots


[verse 2]
first ever hear a n-gg- try to put scr-p in a diss
d-mn near made me flip, b-tch
i got the biggest gun in the crib
d-mn near fresh on my hip
i break this sh-t on my hip
f-ck around fresh your lip
you keep on with the dumb sh-t
you gonna f-ck around and get yourself k!lled
you wanna play, you should have had some children
real n-gg-, b-tch, that’s how i was build
i remember days under them buildings
you just talk about what i do for real
all the people want to know know about brick
b-tch, he never missed a d-mn meal
we was going him for that 75
but broski told us to chill