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lirik lagu 3:00 am thought – feather


[verse 1]
you said i wasn’t just another boy to you
a boy to use
i said you don’t care, you said « i swear i do »
« i swear it’s true »

so how can you just turn around and push me out?
your actions don’t reflect the words that left your mouth

i was right to be skeptical
knew it was wrong from the jump and i let you know
but somehow i still couldn’t let you go
guess it’s not in my blood to be sensible

but you re-ssured me that it wasn’t like that
said i meant something to you and i liked that
i’ve never know how it feels to be liked back
maybe that’s why i keep on running right back

[verse 2]
i know that i am not the only one
the precious one
even though you said i’m too f-cking precious when i smile
i know what this is and it don’t feel right
‘cause you haven’t laid your ocean eyes on mine in a while
i’m so crazy in love with you
i’m too busy thinking ‘bout you
but you don’t care, you don’t
you don’t love, you won’t
you’re my 3:00 am thought
my every night thought
and you keep on telling me you love me (