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lirik lagu 11. hot shit – fenix flexin & bravo the bagchaser


i go ham, dayum look (ayy)
n*gga i be on that hot sh*t (hot sh*t)
pull*up do ayy (yeah yeah)
look (paupa got beats making history on god)

n*gga i be on that hot sh*t (hot sh*t)
pull*up on yo block and i drop sh*t (b*tch i drop sh*t)
pull*up do a sweep with a mop stick (mop stick)
i swear all these n*ggas do is talk sh*t (talk sh*t)
big money, big dope when i walk in (when i walk in)
tell that b*tch to leave me lone, she be stalking (b*tch be stalking)
ayy, put him six feet in the coffin (coffin)
and shoutout to all my circle cause we logged in (d*mn)
all i know is go ham, free big bro cause he still in that jam (in that jam)
whatchu sayin’, but i still want beef (i want beef)
out on bail but i still pack heat on me (on me)
smoke exotic and that good og (og)
i be trapping all night i ain’t got no sleep (on me)
gotta keep that fire on me, bum ass b*tches tryna lie on me like

you a rap n*gga, you be lying in the booth
i’m a real n*gga, i walk in and tell the truth (i tell the truth)
lil n*gga, i got these bands on me (bands on me)
imma put ’em in the grave, he put his hands on me (pow*pow)
all i really want is money, not no d*mn homies (not no d*mn homies)
she keep asking for a perc, i got these xans on me (i got these xans on me)
i just walked in saks fifth, fifty grand on me (fifty grand on me)
keep it real, all these n*ggas sound like fans to me (fans to me)
fifty rounds on the glock, make you dance for me (make you dance for me)
no h0m*, b*tch i keep a stick like a pogo (i keep a stick)
play around with us, and we gon’ shoot him like a photo (catch a pic)
pass it to my n*gga, boy i feel like tony romo (ayy)
famous ass n*gga, i could give a b*tch some promo
pass it to my n*gga, boy i feel like tony romo
famous ass n*gga, i could give a b*tch some promo (n*gga)
huh huh

famous ass n*gga need a rich ass b*tch
yo crazy ass, hit me a l!ck ass b*tch
i might love her, but i’m still gon’ flip that b*tch (flip that b*tch)
remember long nights, had to whip my wrist (whip my wrist)
yeah i’m fly, but i still serve fish (still serve fish)
and yeah you fly but i’ll curve you b*tch (i’ll curve you b*tch)
i’m an assh0l*, i really don’t deserve you b*tch (i don’t deserve you)
ayy, all bravo know is slide with a stick
oh you love her? (oh you love her)

oh you miss her, i just went and got some head you finna kiss her (finna kiss her)
you gon’ take her on a date, i’m finna ditch her (finna ditch her)
i’m that n*gga prolly f*cking on your sister (on ya sister)
on yo main b*tch (on yo main b*tch)
on yo main hoe (on yo main hoe)
i just hit it from the back, then i change clothes (then i change clothes)
i just poured a four wocky in a faygo (in a faygo)
i don’t really want no p*ssy wit a bankroll (b*tch)

ayy, bii