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lirik lagu optimistic (prod. by eric godlow) – feruscio


optimistic (prod. by eric godlow)

last night i had dream of
something and it really seems so
easy to forget no, i won’t let go
even though inside i’m feeling dead oh
i better go and chase it, and when it’s in my hand i’ll take a stand then embrace it
tho i’m feeling lazy with some rhymes
even tho it makes me lil crazy at some times
don’t know why i get this kind of vibe
risky sign
while i’m chilling in the night with some whisky and a lime
david on goliat, that’s what it’s like, everything is hard it ain’t no easy on our lives. eyy i ain’t lying. that i am trying, hard to keep my hopes up. giving up on dreams is a nope that’s not on my program, better go and show some love and
making fire through linеs that i write
to make it all alive in thеir minds coz u might
be feeling low exactly, does it feel amazing
looking at me hoy u gonna be alright
see, i came down from the lowest
climb up patiently until i reached a rainy forest
o i gather energy from my body*friendly sources this is not a game so i don’t care what the score is
i’m not gonna force it, doors i won’t close it
floors always open, tho it goes often
doesn’t stop me hoping, heating like an oven
wait till the time that ma name will be chosen
ey ey we have all the right, change our sight, flames inside
voices outside tells us only lies
wag ka kang titigil hanggat wala pa sayong kamay