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lirik lagu 3 matches, 6 shots – feverwar


can i get a witness?
get the records from the attic
check the facts one more time
take it as gospel, things will get awkward at the scene of this crime

you said f-ck the culture, and started this war
(it looks different from a body bag)
so f-ck the culture, you started this war
(dead weight, dead weight)

you locked yourself with a serpent
who’s lips probably sink ships
in pathetic fashion
temptress dismiss
your life on a track list
but it’s the same d-mn song

it takes a gallon of gas to move your mountain of fiction
you gotta wealth of tall tales, but you’re stuck in recession

one, two, three, four
count the livestock
preacher in a suit meets a wh0r- in a blanket
the suit and the tie fall by the wayside when you garner affection
history only repeats itself
a child is a child when they build up a sh-ll
set to wed in a full sized bed
scriptures always dead when you read vows
upside down

f-ck the culture, you started this war
flex a bit, you’re claiming it, bullsh-t
f-ck the culture, you started it, started it
you said f-ck the culture and started this war
so strike a match, c-ck it back, bullsh-t
f-ck the culture you started this war

dead weight, don’t wait
you’re digging a lonely grave

can i get a witness?
good lord id testify
can i get an amen?
h-ll no, lemme’ tell ya

the wolf sleeps in sheep skin
but my love sleeps with cheap men
make a paper trail and let it all sink in


the disease

you caught the fever yet?