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lirik lagu they all have abandoned their hopes – fishbone


i had a dream that i was disgusted
it was a scene where gold had rusted
they took the homes of the people who trusted
the one up high be he only l-sted

things of material worth & gender
destroy all things that are pure & tender
they took my homes and all of my gardens
to build a tall building people could work in

and now my family lives in the street
with lots of pride but nothing to eat
they took my dream and now you see what i mean
all just because he wanted all the green

they all have abandoned their hopes (x3)
they’ve discarded their dreams

death to the corporate
the yuppie sc-m cloud up the earth
shine people shine
and never abandon your turf
you must say “oh no!”
when the depression hand licks
when the depression foot kicks
and you’re locked in the dungeon
when the keys gotten ridden of

sink in a tsunami of sadness
grab onto the key of gladness

and don’t abandon your hopes for no one
even in the worst of situations
because in this society
which was not made for you or me so

they all have abandoned their homes (x3)
they’ve discarded their dreams

limitations and almost marshal law
and robots with badges and quick draw
just lights and glitter and garbage underneath
and the raging oppressed
with razor sharp teeth

they took him to the city jail
hail the conformist, hail the bureaucrats
them ah chase them homeless (x2)

rat race city (x3)

i pray the lord my soul to take
and the ground began to shake
and the whirlybirds of death
to light atop the skyscr-pers
to finish off all the rest