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lirik lagu blood different – fl0cals


riding bulls through istanbul
my big iron hip i whip and blow
and ill lay down all you family folk
so keep thinking you’re invincible

you’re not no mark
till im stepping round the block and then im aiming with a dart
this. sh*t. aint. nerf. boy im aiming at your heart
beat you with an iron fist, your whole familys made of hipocrites

we dont share the same blood like you think we do
you put the teachers through some h*ll you f*cking terrorized a school
i remember throwing up the pills and throwing up a desk into the ceiling
momma shoved the government right down my throat and im still healing

how’ve i been healing? “glad you asked”
i been smoking loud while time’ll pass
stick on waist, this aint no game
i got cheat codes written in my shades

cuz im billy mitch*ll in this b*tch
like ill emulate a big red stick
and ill aim it at your family tree
cuz im blasting bark up on this beat
f*ck it up

last night, i was on twitch juice wrld day 999 lotta fans pulling up
it was my first stream 6 hours long im grateful, it was blowing up
fl0cals going nuts, mom dont give a f*ck, claims i stole the money that she stole so i could f*ck it up
slow it down a minute, so. we. can. show
146 pages of money you stole

it went to sazzle, disney, college books
the dance routines, and school yearbooks
some hotels and the car payments
your momma shoulda thrown you to the feds

if i had 14 grand in my hand
id be living lavish in the sand
and i wouldnt be paying all your bills
i would travel big to see those thrills

now if i start making bands of this
i wont say a word ill drop real quick
ill skip town, no frown, i did this by myself
stacking all the money for my grandma up on the shelf

never give a penny to my mother she stole the wealth
shifting into 5th hit with my car watch your body melt
(ayo the beat cut off a while ago man)
o*oh. oh sh*t.. uhm…
its motherf*cking fl0cals b*tch…
alright you want to go smoke?
(closes door)

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