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lirik lagu r0ckstar h03 – ​flakbozzor


this b*tch she in the scene
drinking hennesy
crushing up codeine
mixing up my lean
hottest girl i seen
and we keep on making hits when we only six teen
an we in the f*cking club and we bopping btc
i ain’t bound to cry b*tch yeah i make my destiny
i’ll f*ck a b*tch without a rubber and i’ll have a mini me
skinny b*tch on my arm screming flakey
how u keep making these hits like ur f*cking rebzyyx

pop another beam
then i pull with the team
you broke my heart
yeah you’re so f*cking mean
jolly ranchers in my motherf*cking lean
mars icon, alien, not what i seem

i just poppеd a oxy
proxy save me
burning kerosеne
carbon monoxide
breath it in
i wanna be a popstar
i wanna crash the porsche
die like paul walker
i wanna be famous
i want a cute stalker
ima f*ck them on the porch under starlight
baby there’s no right time
i wanna make it tonight
f*ck me all night
lets make a p*rno
like a future celebrity
at the top of charts
selling out arenas
feelin like a rockstar
having threesomes with a mean b*tch
i mean it
sleeping with ur hoe
u regret it
she f*cking wit me
she a bad b*tch
this ain’t scenecore
this is flakecore
i own the f*cking genre u want more?
always f*cking slept on
an wept on
but ur b*tch give me top in my teslaaa

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