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lirik lagu drill talk – flashy mdub


[verse one: flashy mdub x matt mdub]
ayo kenzo, where you at?
cos i’m up on the 5th tryna blitz on a makk
keep a strap, let it clap
glah, glah, boom now he up in a pack
ayo flash, who that?
we gon hop out the v, shoot that
never lackin’ in traffic, i stay with a mac
if i see mula gzz he get hit in his back

[verse two: flashy mdub]
when i talk on the facts like mezzy got packed
and naz got left on his back
chii went out with his [?]
and notti got poked in his back
and i’m posted in the gates so you know where i’m at
like f*ck that, i’m slidin’ with matt
ke*keep me a knocka, i’m lettin’ it clap
if you jackin’ the fives you get left where he at

[verse three: matt mdub]
n*ggas know what i do
i don’t gotta put up a front, just speak on the sh*t that i do
it’s a lotta y’all n*ggas cappin’ in the booth
go pick up a gun show me what you do
n*gga chii died, n*gga what y’all do?
like, alla y’all n*ggas is fool
i’ve been sittin’ and buggin’, flockin’ with the deuce
like, n*ggas they know i go kuu
[verse four: matt mdub x flashy mdub]
like f*ck that, let’s talk the facts
smokin’ on nazzy, you can’t get him back
when i spin through that block, i had to double back
[?] i swear n*ggas posted in front of that trap
oh they posted in front of that trap
“ayo matt, just hop out the back”
don’t run, don’t trip, put the beam on his back
like, bend through the five, lookin’ for a makk

[verse five: flashy mdub]
[?] flashy mdub and they know i’m a tweak
i’m the robin that stay with that heat
run up on who? now n*gga deceased
i’m flockin’ at you, you ain’t flockin’ at me
so run up on me, now i’m flockin’ for free
tryna leave that n*gga in the street
tryna leave that n*gga where you be
once i see em, i’m makin’ a scene

[verse six: matt mdub]
can’t wait til’ catch lil sha ek
[?], i’m like no way
spinnin’ through the courts, flockin’ sh*t broad day
and b*tch i’m a demon, what can n*ggas say?
tryna push up on me you get hit in your face
headshot, chest shot, i put that on the gang
like, n*gga we smokin’ on blay
[verse seven: matt mdub]
and you know that we smokin’ on that poppa jiggy
last n*gga ran and got hit with the sitchy
have my little ooters have you do the bendy
when we slide through, you know we’re slidin in the renty
this sh*t on my hip will put a n*gga six feet
n*gga ask about jayrip, got hit in his kidney
countin’ up this guap [?] i’m gettin’ plenty
i got hitters that will drop a n*gga with the semi

[outro: flashy mdub]
tell them n*ggas ready the f*ck up n*gga
every five shot



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