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lirik lagu equals – flatsound


i just wanna be equals
without all the feeble attempts to hurt you
because it’s not what i want

but if you needed some sp-ce
you should have told me
the only thing you told was
b-tterflies will hold me when it’s cold
to anyone who’s willing to be warm

reacclimate to someone is better than i was
but it don’t want to think of what he does
no i don’t want to think of what he does

jesus christ
i don’t wanna think before i die
i don’t want to be the one sacrifice for what you did
oh my god
the doors are closing quicker than i thought
fear that i would become the person that you are
we were just kids

roll call in homeroom
a cl-ss we didn’t go to
cause we’re leaving after lunch
to anywhere that we can sit alone and talk
i only wish i had known when we were young

sometimes people want to die
and that’s alright

but is it alright
to spend these six whole months that i thought i was fine
and i know you did everything to just keep me alive
and i know, i know there’s nothing left for you here

i wanna be equals, be equals, be equals
i just never imagined a future without you
and i guess that’s my fault
that’s my fault
that’s my fault
that’s my fault