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lirik lagu surfin’ wit a k – flee lord & pete rock


brrrrr, ay!
let me talk

[verse 1]
excuse me for my greatness, it’s uzi on our waists
this music that i’m doing got ’em stupid in they faces
used to walk, through the [?] busting l!cks to survive
now i’m f*cking up stages with my clique getting high
smoking backwoods at the top of the top
check [?] then i’m hop to the block (skirrr)
bust it up with gutta touch base with h
[?] florida [?] blowing [?] of grape
hitting french for some hours i be telling you fools
blow a choppa, count money, pick up heavy from school (uh)
i’m running down on everything, if it’s bout’ a bag (bag)
but i never sell my soul, woah i get it out the grass (grass)
get it out the dirt (dirt), flip it out the mud (mud)
bottle turned back (back), sipping on some [?]
me and pete rock making [?] streets hot
and you never hear us capping bout’ the mils we got (got)

i said you never hear us capping bout’ the mils we got
uh, yeah, i said you never hear us capping, nope, nah
[verse 2]
ain’t no other team like mine
getting [?] in the hallway like fiends on lines
why y’all n*ggas gon’ drain my grind
and my young lords sipping on that lean like wine
yeah, if we [?], your wife will [?]
they pay me every month, like life insurance
yeah investing in my future, big [?] with my shooter
you a k!ller but you only blew your [?] on a computer (f*ck outta here)
from [?], lord peter bring the beat back (let’s go)
i was moving so much yola, that i needed three jacks (huh)
del gato just dropped (dropped), yellow bottles get popped (popped)
plus my family still involved in selling lotta’ big rocks (rocks)
n*gga this my life story, ain’t n0body fight for me (uh huh)
how you on the corner moving [?], and you like forty (bum ass n*gga)
my merch on display, good shirts on the way
since they riding all the waves, brodie i surf with this k (brrrrr)
yes, since they riding all my waves, brodie i surf with this k (brrr, brrrr, brrrr)
since they riding all my waves, i surf with this k