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lirik lagu westview (interlude) – fleecy


broken paths, that’s all it’s ever been for us
they say what i write is fake, and, man, i wish it was
in my absence, they love me, but in my presence, it’s f*ck me
but now, i’m just a n0body ’cause i was scared of that
guess my ego retired, he wasn’t there for that
i guess my passion expired, he wasn’t there for rap
i’m just looking at the grass, how did i break so fast?
man, i used to be sand, but then i was more glass
so i said, “f*ck this place
i’ma make my own world, man, f*ck this state”
and, for a bit, it was working, and, yet, i didn’t deservе it
and i don’t talk to other people, man, i guеss i’m allergic
and i can’t, but i wanna stay here forever
and know that you could move in, we could wake here together
and i’ma block off all the roads, i’ma put no enters
reason that i’m here, because it’s me at the center
this life is not easy, it’s not what it seems
this life is not simple, to know what it means
and maybe, i’m just a kid who doesn’t know sh*t
i’m yet to know her, but, one day, i’ll show her
there’s something of worth, and you’ll see when you’re older

i don’t know sh*t
i don’t know sh*t
i don’t know sh*t
i’m just a kid
i don’t know sh*t
i’m just a kid
i don’t know sh*t