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lirik lagu heartbreak collison – flipofficial


verse 1:
where do we go from here
man its feeling like the end is near
and these feelings are a nightmare that i’d know i’d fear
south haven beach,man im jumpin off the pier
where you at where you at,your love is a trap
i don’t know how to act,your silence is holding me back
i gotta get over the fact,im hoping to track
reverse time and get you holding me back
im sick of the struggle,im sick of the anger
im tired of your f-ckin accusations
im knowing what you were facing
girl i tried to be patient
you wanna run off
ill remember that when im famous
got me drinkin heavily,who got the chaser
the good memories,ive been tryin to erase it
hustlin for a livin,stay chasin the paper
till you get home baby,i’ll find a replacement

where do we go from here
when we know it hurts
but we just can’t seem to let go
from here
so we work things out
but we both end up hurt
and it seems
to disappear
cause the love we had
just ain’t no longer here
and i’m lost
on a road
with no speed limit
a heartbreak collision is near
don’t pull me over
oh i just can’t take it
i just can’t take it

verse 2:
yeah girl remember me
the one that gave my heart away just for you to be with me
yeah,i hope you know that i still miss you
but you prolly still think different
and all them girls you swore i was talking to
i was,but all i ever talked about was you
and ever since you been on that tip
i started acting like a d-ck
but i never thought to know what was wrong with you
i guess the memory’s gone cause now im home all alone
with nothing to do,and this is all because of you
but your the one who started it all
just because you never wanted to talk,thats why i made this song for you
the road gets longer,the lights get darker
the river gets deeper,the dreams go farther
love is something that can’t be tamed
im here till the end,cause my heart can’t break!