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lirik lagu if i could change my body – flo & joan


if i could change my body
i’d have a swan for a head
if i could change my body
i’d like to rip my head off
and replace it with a swans

and i’d do swan things
like a*honkin and a*screamin
and chasing people round
who come too close
and when people would say
“that’s just what swans do”
i’d say you’re right
now give me your hand bag

do do do*do*do*do
that’s just a sat*rday for me
boo boo da di boo

if i could change my body
i’d have a wing for an arm
and underneath that arm
i’d have a hoof for a hand

so i can hoof a b*tch

and i’d walk on my hooves
like a shiny little pony
and i’d pout my beak
like i’m kylie minogue*y

i’d have a fork for a tongue
cause i can’t hold a cutlery
and really nice t**th
like julianna margulies
if i could change my body
i’d have a pair of titties
that would cats

if i could change my body
i think i’d have a few more knees
that would be cats

and everywhere i’d go
i’d trot with pride
as i swing my kitty titties
from side to side

when people come and say
“what the h*ll have
ya done to yourself?!”
i’d hoof them with my hoof

then either i’d have rhino thighs
no, rhino from the gladiators
right on my sh*tter
the tail of an alligator

i never liked my toes
so on my leg ends
i’d have two twinkly
chicken feet
twinkly, twinkly
chicken feet
twinkle, twinkle
chicken toes

they say you have to love your body
whatever it takes
but i’d love mine much more
if my tummy was a snake

so i can eat a whole woman

i’d have abs that were hams
that i painted with mascara
and round my front bum
is a nappy capybara

and on my head is a
very, very, very, very
big bear

so do you like my new body?
i hope it finds you well


i want to go with this body
i think a new name
would do me well

let’s go with

annabel, annabel, anna
(cha, cha, cha)

annabel, annabel, annabel
ba ba

annabel, annabel
boopity ba ba

come on and see me

annabel, annabel, annabel
ba ba