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lirik lagu 0 to 100 cover – flonerd and hasi flames


[verse 1: hasi flames]
word! hey! ugh! i go zero to a hundred hommie real quick/
i be soaring the sky and ion use wings/
when i grab the mic homeboy i spit sick shiits/
when i put my pen to the pad i make it bleed real and imma k!ll this/
call the cops hommie cos i’m a sick being/
me and my gs roll a blunt, lit it up then talk about some real life sh-ts/ you feel me? f-ck it!/
y’all prolly think i’m frontin’ but i’m just stuntin’/
see i’m the guy who spits the lines your favourite rapper bites that got y’all sayin hes tight/
but its alright cos i’m bout to step in the lime light/ and take my right spot in the hip-hop world/
and i hear folks sayin’ that hip-hop sucks hip-hop dead/
if hip-hop dead then y’all best believe you listening to hasi whose the livin dead/
i’m the lyrical terrorist y’all best beware of me/
see i got the intellect, the swag & style & thats a dope rapper’s trinity/
yeah! you know i’m fly this kid really sick call the paramedic
i spit the kinda flows that put them wanna bees in wheel chair/
and when i’m done them wanna bees will cheer/
the lyrical genie you free to make your wish here/ i spit h-ll/
i’m a divine being from a higher realm/
even when i’m spittin’ from the top of my head n-ggas still grab they pen and pad cos they eager to learn/
i’m god n-gga! k!llin’ off these clown n-ggas/
the lyrical leprecaun all i spit is gold bars/ menh i go hard/ respect to my hommie flonerd/
its hasi flames y’all! peace

[verse 2: flonerd]
how many phonies do i gat to k!ll?
how many stories do i gat to tell?
before you realise that i’m the lllest on the microphone
i wanna knock ya no go think say i dey like your phone
and ama split you with you my saw flow
you know death is calling def you gonna pick your call bro
i expose your dead flows then proceed to fret those
treating all you dogs bad i’m far from a vet tho
ama thriller on the mic and i’m bringing lumber jacks in
to split you into two k!llin with my n-gga hasi
my bars bro, they gettin hotter by the day
and no pebbles here but i’m a stoner by the way
ama stone em on the way to make a name and the millions
you fvcking fake -ss like your chick be on some silicone
m-f-s claiming ill are n-ggas that i murder anyhow
coming with the mad beef like say i carry crazy cow
fvcking up the game n-gga let the pay come
plus my flows come violent fvck a hailstorm
though i’m hungry for the fame my soul is precious to me
means i ain’t eating from the serpents i ain’t adam and eve