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lirik lagu anti social – flowz dilione


isn’t it lovely, all alone
heart made of glass, my mind of stone
tear me to pieces, skin and bone
h*llo, welcome home

[verse 1: flowz dilione]
all these people sayin they love me
they metion me on the gram
i break my back for this money
trust me i’m doing all that i can
they treatin me like a superstar
dont forget i’m only a man
i laugh, i cry, i cheat, i lie
i ain’t no different to them
but these people think that i am
cause they see me up on a screen
if i could hug my bro just one last time
i’d trade it all in a breath
all this fame means nothing to me brah
i’m still crying myself to sleep
wake up, go to work and repeat
i spill my pain up over these beats

i’ve got bad b*tches in my dm’s
but you know i leave em on seen
they want me now
but where were they when i was locked up wearing them greens
my ex she packed her bags and she left me
i guess i gave my heart to these streets
when it’s cold at night i close my eyes and look for her in my dream
i don’t rap for views or attention
thats not me but eets to their own
they say that karma is consequential
that just means you reap what you sew
all these people ringin my number
i’ve got no time to answer my phone
isn’t it funny that in the end
the ones you love will hurt you the most
[hook: noddy no mask]
[?] my house was haunted
all my friends turned into ghosts
i used to hit a liquor, till my liver quittin
i get sick and tired, i been sick and tired
ima sticko kid
i hit a l!ck on every n*gga in the city
and it didn’t slide
told em once, i won’t tell em again
what i did when i hadn’t any fish to fry

[verse 2]
i been u*outside
it’s [?]
i wouldn’t throw you a hook
n*gga you a little fish
yea i spittin fast and you cap
and you sound like you spittin gibberish
and i had a bill for a little bit
went and collected a bl!cky to pay off the debt
and this sh*t ain’t no saftey
dammit this sh*t nearly flew off his head
flowz onner, thats my f*cken brother
he be f*cking with me since and up and commer
i got plenty hits just going undiscovered
we be rappin bout it cause we really did it
i won’t cap about it, if i never done it
[?] going stronger then i ever did
and i am strong and loyal like my f*cken brother
i am strong and loyal like my f*cken brother
(i am strong and loyal like my f*cken brother)
(i am strong and loyal like my f*cken brother)

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