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lirik lagu blessed are we – forest of impaled


i am driven by a hateful storm,
to drive you out of existence
and forge a world of honour.
therefore i am inclined
to do my will and take my fill

i have evolved to hate you
i have risen to destroy you.
blessed are we!

an evil spirit hath inoculated
our race with its hideous gospel
of submissiveness and degeneracy

long live those bold of heart,
long live the strong,
long live the defiant ones,
long live battle’s sons.

blessed are the strong for they shall possess the earth,
blessed are the powerful for they shall be reverenced among men.
blessed are the bold for they shall be masters of the world,
blessed are the victorious for victory is the basis of right.

long live he who is wise,
for he shall question all things,
and run with a virtuous horde,
long live brothers of war.

cursed are the weak for they shall inherit the yoke,
cursed are the feeble for they shall be blotted out,
cursed are the poor in spirit, they shall be spat upon,
cursed are the obedient for they shall heed creeplings.

through war we’ll break them, and scratch away their names.
blessed are the destroyers of false hope, they are the true messiahs.
cursed are those who speak his word, their breath is a poison.
blessed are the mighty minded, for they shall ride the whirlwinds,
cursed are the lambs of god, they shall be bled whiter than snow.

thrice cursed are the vile, for they shall serve and suffer
blessed are the ironhanded, the unfit shall flee before them.
cursed are the pitiful, for they shall receive no pity.
blessed are the destroyers… for they shall be feared by tyrants.