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lirik lagu paradise lost : sea of repeat – forever / always


i remain, lost cause
in the sea of repeat
i look up, to the bottom
fly down south, onto the next one

cause i have faith in us, if we don’t self destruct to the bottom
of false promises, you’re a false promiser, officer

now before you go don’t forget
which is to say, remember!
so many lines that you correct
so many clues that you collect

in our hearts
we were reminded of all the things that we agreed and
when we decide to keep this to ourselfs
we’d have a play in a garden of palette
p-ss out, p-ss in
i decided, i would pretend to be alive

peeking through keyhole
looking for closure
you think youre playing sherlock, eat my dreadlock (ain’t you doc?)

oh no you got no clue
mississippi old klux!
is getting thick but our mind is getting sick
onto the conscious of being alone

generations of cripples
failed seekers
who never really knew
old mystic fallacy
at least someone
trust my trust
and now you’ve hurt my trust

paradise lost