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lirik lagu other things – forever bevless


high off of life and some other things; got the vibe right, i’m in love with me
honestly i don’t care if she is; happiness comes from inside that’s the secret
some tybg sh-t smile so white cause it’s wide as my teeth is
i wanna succeed but i do not need to defeat them
proud of my accomplishments not proud of who i’m beatin’
not better than you but better than i was last weekend

weather the whether with a jack and a sweater and see that it’s sweet even when it storms and nothing is green
cause the rain grows the food that you eat so when it cancles your plans, think of the people that it feeds
turn something bad into something so easily if you see the things between the lines to read
let the tables turn and their perspective speak try to walk a mile with they shoes on your feet
take the time to -n-lyze and seek the truth and make use of what you have for what you need
it only takes a couple seconds to sow the seed let it grow, next thing you know make a couple hunnit of the fruit you reap
to feast on fruits of labor every single time you eat is the greatest way to nourish what’s beneath