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lirik lagu acela – fountains of wayne



there’s a train on a track
painted silver, blue and black
heading to m-ssachusetts
and then it’s coming back
and it’s entertaining by new haven
once you’ve had yourself a drink or two, ooh ooh
all alone on the acela
tell me baby, where the h-ll are you?
ooh ooh

there’s a girl on the train
leaning on a window pane
reading people magazine
just to help turn off her brain
and i swear i caught her staring at me
maybe i’ve been staring at her too, ooh ooh
shot to h-ll on the acela
just as well, there’s nothing else to do
ooh ooh

when they called “all aboard”
you were nowhere to be found
though you swore you were sure
you’d come with me out of town
and i looked in all the stars
i looked in hudson news
searched for any sign of you
but you had not left any clues
i was so confused
what was i supposed to do?

now the world is a blur
and the engine starts to purr
and we’re flying through road island
the conductor calls me
“sir, for your information it’s a station at about 11:22”, ooh ooh
got to get the next acela
got to make my way back home too
got to get the next acela
got to get myself back home to you
(acela, acela)