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lirik lagu golden girl – frank ocean


golden girl
(feat. tyler, the creator)

[frank ocean]
she peels an orange, for us in the mornin
she woke me up to give me half
i can hear the children soccer ballin
like wildcats running on the gr-ss (yeah)
you’re a girl on this island, i’m a boy from america
my flight leaves tonight
but i don’t think i’m, goin backwards
i won’t be goin backwards

you’re my golden girl
you’re the one i’ve chosen girl
you’re 24k
you make it bright when it’s gray
you’re my golden girl
the sun has been kind to you
you’re 24k (girl)
but the sky’s never gray (never gray)

[frank ocean]
silent moments, meditative poses
you break my focus, you make me laugh
two mopeds racin through the forest
making dirt clouds on a path, on a path
i’m my best on this island, i’m a mess in america
my flight left last night
but, i know i’m not goin back home (yeah)
i’m not goin back home, no-ohhhhhhhh


[frank ocean]
if we build a house in paradise, will we get to heaven still?
if we don’t have to live through h-ll just to get to heaven
i’ma stay right here, with you, ’til the hurricane comes
’til the tsunami comes, i’ve found my golden


[tyler, the creator]
you’re my g-o, l-d, e-n, g-i, r-l
and that’s for the females that can’t spell, but
thanks for f-ckin with me
you turn my dark into light, you’re like a bucket of bleach
you see – i want you to know that
my negatives at home aren’t workin for my kodak
so that, means that, i don’t want to go back
just know that, i would like to stay here and hold that
hand of yours – girl i’m a wreck in america
your face is the best cause it’s the same color as the lace on my neck
and you’re golden, uh, your eyes open
f-ck it let’s toast and listen to michael bolton
i freefall off the hill again
let’s see where i land, i’m like gilligan
umm, i trust you, golden, for what
when i’m just hopin that you don’t turn my neck green

[ocean waves, birds chirping]
[channel changed, loud beep]

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