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america drinks & goes home (live at whisky a go go/1968) - frank zappa lyrics


[verse 1]
i tried to find
how my heart
could be so blind, yeah
how could i be fooled
just like the rest
you came on strong
with your fast car and your glass ring
soft voice and your sad eyes
i fell for your whole thing

[verse 2]
i don’t regret
having met up
with a girl who
breaks heart like they were
nothing at all
i’ve done it too
now, i know
just what it feels like
and just like i said
there’s no regrets

what i [?]
it’s about time we hangin’ out
golly, i hope you’ve had
as much fun as we’ve had
because we’ve certainly
had fun up here
last call for alcohol?
it’s motel time
motel spelt backwards is “letom”
then we get started with the jam session
monday night’s a twist contest
tuesday we’re goin’ topless
wednesday we’re goin’ naked
thursday we’re goin’ to jail
friday we’re goin’ to shoot up a volkswagen
[?] cab
should be right up front
thank you for coming by
nice to see you
check your cheese
hide your sister
[? hide your mama?]

a long time ago when we worked here, back in the olden days, we got fired from this club circuit, replaying this song. it became very difficult for us to uh, gain employment in the los angeles area because, against the wishes of the people who ran the uh, whole organization who provided youth*oriented entertainment to the people in this area, we went ahead and played a song called, “help, i’m a rock” on an evening where uh, it was important that it appeared to the people coming into the club that it was happening, y’know? the way you make people know that your club is happening, is by having people on the dance floor, see? and when we played this song, n0body could dance to it. so, the audience had requested the song and the people who ran the place said, “oh, you better not do that!” and we played the song and, well, we starved for a long time, it was so difficult to get any work around here but, as a commemorative experience, we’re gonna grind out a little diddy called, “help, i’m a rock”

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