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lirik lagu 44 bars – frankie the ace


so um… do you like the mixtape so far delaney?
uhhh, i’m just gonna put everything out here on this song
i’m just… gonna tell it like it is you know?
so uh yeah… i love you
i love you too

i just wanna be the best
haters try to hit me, but i got a bullet proof vest
i’m just on a quest
i’ve been searching around for the answers, like they are hidden in a treasure chest
man i don’t know what to do
if this mixtape don’t sell as well as i want it to
i’m 18 but i feel 32
my life has been a long road of mistakes, but i always ride
never show my emotions i always hide
used to run to my room, i used to always cry
i thought that made me soft, but it showed that i’m just a man
i don’t have superpowers, i feel pain like the rest of them
i remember dressing up like super man
a nerdy kid who had no friends
who just wrote, rhymes on candy wrappers, and had these crazy dreams to make it as a rapper
been producing beats since the 4th grade
back when disney wanted to sign me
i thought that this was finally it
a child star who made it
but the offer never fell through
felt like the world gave up on me
d-mn was it true
i don’t know man i guess i ain’t got a clue
i’ve struggled with autism and thought i was different,
kids teased me, laughed at me, and said i was too optimistic
d-mn ain’t that great or something? the whole world hating on me like a f-cking muslim, uh
i guess i felt like an outcast since day one
didn’t know what to do, life was no fun
so i started thinking suicidal thoughts
suffered from depression, cause of a lot
of sh-t was going on through my head
my dad treated our family like sh-t
and my ex told me she wished i was dead
life is crazy as f-ck
just a young teen, searching for love
she ended up spreading rumors about me that weren’t true
so bad that i couldn’t even show my face at school
i loved everyone and always treated people equal
so i never understood why she could be so evil
but since then i’ve moved on
got a new girlfriend and i continue to write songs
i don’t look for revenge
i know in my heart to love everyone even if they ain’t my friend
i pray for though’s who down me
and hope that at night, i can one day sleep soundly
ain’t noting wrong with me
i’m different, but i look at that as i’m unique
gods words always guide me
and no mother f-cker can drown me
cause he has lifted my life up
even though sh-t was rough
so i just wrote, stuff
that can inspire those who have gone through the same sh-t too
i’m with you, never against you
equality is something i strive to exceed, for every man no matter the color or their s-xuality
so let’s all stand and unite
44 bars, i’m spitting, and so far i’m doing all right
it’s time to unite and stand strong
never forget what’s right and what’s wrong
and i know i’ve made mistakes
but i pray for forgiveness every single day
so all of you who judged me
kick yourself in your -ss cause you don’t know me
you don’t know what i’ve gone through, so this last line i’m gonna end it with a f-ck you!!