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lirik lagu better love – fred hammond


better love

[verse 1]
lost in despair
searching high and low, here and there
wondering if anyone cares
all that you’re going through
who will be there for you

hard times you’ve faced
reminding you of all your mistakes
is there really a brighter day
when will the drama cease
will there ever be peace


there is a love
a love that looks beyond my faults
a love so true
the only love thats meant for you


let me offer this love to you
i guarantee that he will be faithful and true
this love isn’t like anything that you’ve ever known
he has a better love… better love

i know you’ve probably heard it before
when someone can give you love, affection and more
but this love i offer you will come through for sure
he has a better love… better love

[verse 2]

i have been there
feeling that theres no one to care
believing that life is so unfair
thinking they’ll never be
someone thats good to me
so please believe
open up your heart and recieve
i said this love covers complete
his love is for everyone
no matter what you’ve done


[chorus 2x]

[vamp 3x]

i’ve tried him and i know it
i’ve tried him and i know it
i’ve tried him, i know it

he won’t let you down
always be around
when your friends walk out
he will be there for you

[h-rn break]

[vamp 2x]

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