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lirik lagu practice – freddie gibbs & madlib


i had it all
this one, that one
i thought it was tight, tight new situation
but you know what i mean, i’m fooling myself, you know what i’m saying?

[verse 1]
yeah, yeah, my n-gg-, i went t-pain for her
she ’bout to get off work at the club, i used to wait for her
f-cking up my whole family structure to clear the day for her
when i was going through problems at home, i should have prayed more
dear lord, but i didn’t
so i’m tangled in this position
made a commitment to both of these women and never considering both of they feelings
i got too deep so after i beat i should’ve just deaded it from the beginning
’cause i admit that i got a bit jealous when she was at floyd crib stripping
and that ain’t like me, this ain’t the right me, but that ain’t her fault
she call my phone with all the tough talk, i went the f-ck off
wasn’t seeking another relationship, i just needed to duck off
got a cougar b-tch in the boonies, that p-ssy, i knock the dust off
when all the trust lost
sometimes the love is soon to follow
wifey’ll put me out the crib and tell me to come back home tomorrow
when i got caught the f-ck up, she hit me with the ultimatum
you need to come home with your daughter, nothing more important than your baby
drugs got me crazy

uh, yeah
you know what i’m sayin’, n-gg-?
sh-t’s crazy, man
selling dope, smoking dope, you know what i’m saying, all that
all that sh-t, being around sh-t, yeah
push you to the limit, you know what i mean?
or you past the limit, you know what i mean?
these streets and these hoes don’t love you
you don’t feel no love out here, n-gg-

[verse 2]
yeah, dat, like mitchy slick say, she no comprende
i’m chopping sh-t up like a sensei to get to rent day
my trunk got more blocks than dikembe
the dea, they sn-tched my black -ss straight up out of first cl-ss flying from midway (d-mn)
one foot in rap, one foot in the trap
but i’m really trapping for my homies, they too incompetent for this balancing act
if they really love me, they’d be keeping me from it, to keep it a hundred
how you complain about the price when you getting everything fronted?
weed, heroin and ‘caine flips was my main b-tch
she tried to make me go to counseling but that ain’t change sh-t
searching for licks up in the streets, they come and go like pokémon
don’t get no r-e-s-p-e-c-t from my baby mama’s mom
put some respect up on my name like beatrice, mil’ in a mattress
fake love, i really don’t need it like allen ain’t need the practice
h-ll yeah n-gg-, we talking about practice
how i’m gonna break up with the streets?
i got the questions but i can’t find the answers
delicate circ-mstances

it’s gon’ be alright though
have the b-tches there, you know what i’m sayin’?
at the end of the day, yeah
instagram, snapchat get you locked up
hard to sit in the city and sh-t, you know what i’m sayin’?
n-gg-s and these b-tches
ain’t no love in this situation at all, you know what i’m sayin’?
yeah, uh