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lirik lagu versace breakfast – frederick scott


[intro: frederick scott]
d-mn d-mn, what the f-ck
if you bad ?
d-mn d-mn d-mn what the f-ck
if you bad ?
versace breakfast, eatin’ eggs
everybody know, eatin’ eggs
i’m eatin’ eggs, versace eggs
love these eggs, they’re so delicious

[hook: frederick scott]
versace breakfast
versace breakfast
versace breakfast
versace breakfast
versace breakfast
versace breakfast
i’m eatin’ ham, i’m goin’ h.a.m. versace breakfast y’all

[verse 1: frederick scott]
see me in the coupe, versace egg white
candy turkey bacon, cause i am eatin’ bright
i’m makin’ oatmeal, i’m pourin’ oj
diamonds in my breakfast, my dentist is like, “okay sir
you have no t–th left” i’m like, “shut up you hater!
you’re just jealous of my shoes made of alligator”
i’m cookin’ home fries in my morning robe
gucci bluetooth headset up in my ear lobe
i’m callin’ martha stewart, she said, “whattup son?”
i said, “you got any parsley cause b-b-tch i ain’t got none”
she said, “hold up a bit” and then she came right over
put the parsley in my hand then she bend over
i am the greatest chef, gucci applesauce
is your mimosa low? let me top it off
let me top it off, let me top it off
is your mimosa low? let me top it off


[verse 2: hannibal buress]
scramble my eggs (scramble ’em), versace breakfast (nice)
prada lunch (yeah), i don’t eat brunch (no)
f-ck mimosas (f-ck ’em!), no limit soldiers (bowl)
duck hunt, f-ck c-nts, luck bunch, what?
huh? i’m rollin’ around in a cab (yeah)
the cab won’t change the radio (won’t change it)
put it on hot 97, he got on npr
i don’t give a f-ck about the news (no), put on some rap sh-t
i wanna hear some ignorant dudes (bow!)
now i’m hearin’ about some sh-t in syria (man), bummin’ me out
take me home i gotta charge my phone, my sh-t’s on seven percent
drinkin’ delerium in the taxi and i’m gettin’ real bent
just took a p-ss, new york city’s tough
went into a starbucks, didn’t buy sh-t, just hung out
rung out, thumbs out, -incoherent mumbling- guns out
-incoherent mumbling- my son’s out!