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lirik lagu 0-100 – freeway & scholito


f-ck all of that 0-100 sh-t
you n-ggas don’t know who you f-cking with
i’ll be on that i’m a see ya sh-t
all they seen is red dots, diabetes strips
bodies got some k!llers in your lobby chief
left the scene, all that n-gga heard was tire screeching
yeah, check his body count, more dead
show up to your wake and kiss your momma on her forehead
f-ck you talking, all of my n-ggas is bosses
f-cked the streets up pretty bad, what did them was selling crosses
dad be in the caddy, little momma be in the charger
i put diamonds on my finger, the color of baby jonas
i’m a rap g*nius
they should put these lyrics on rap g*nius
i hit his brother the other day and had an ice cream
and i know you heard them stories about the china man
yeah, n-gga chiggy i done got a black p-n-s
yeah, i’m just living the dream
i got some butlers at the crib and some b-tches that clean
them endors-m-nts on deck, they keep sending me things
so fresh that i even play tennis in jeans
hmm, yeah i try to be a humble n-gga
but being humble never pay the bills
i keep them shooters on go to
n-gga, one of my producers is in the navy seals
licensed to carry, and we just flying the paris
spending evenings with my lady, we just living life on a ferry
couldn’t stay where i stay, just know that the price is scary
we crushed the souls like reading bibles with mary
she said heels so i get them for her
o’s go from one-twenty in the south florida
middle fingers to my rivals
on sight, no white, hit his nostrils like body odor
so keep hating i leave you no option
they like how he start the car with his keys in his pocket
i’m just looking at these watches like three different options
eyes on my left wrist while i am eating this pasta
we dining where the winners at
i got did the [?] and triple check
something light for ya suckers
and i’m always on the road, living the life of the trucker
i’m a ghostwriter to you rap n-ggas to r&b
so without me on the track, still starring me
i can do the bow tie with the carnegie
all you n-ggas in the way, like pardon me
the war is on, time to bury soldiers
we don’t let the beef carry over
i tread light on commercial treks
but i could take a [?]
ignore you troubles, the believers in non-believers
the underground king mistaken by fire breathers
most the very loyal men will eventually die a cheater
the devil comes in beauty, music, even as paper
while i make beautiful music, plus i’m just getting greater

i said we headed to the top now
[?] we the new rock childs

[verse 2]
how do you inspire the people that inspire you?
made a career off doing something i like to do
my mentors, they put on for the city
just an artist out of philly they happen to take a liking to
and most boys never had a father
they said that most fathers wish for boys
i know that everything is for a reason
moral support, i guess the lord helped us fill the voice
carry on tradition though the last name’s different
it’s hard to build a future when the past came with it
drugs and alcohol got the rap game sinning
and it’s hard to feel secure when the facts ain’t sticking
d-mn, so why do i wish for the worst?
i close my eyes and see my momma dead in a he-rs-
and everything is from that i said in this verse
know you one of the lucky ones if you hearing this first
i encourage you to be greater
the ones i used to look up to, discouragement on they faces
and i would give it if i have advice
i’m praying my work ethic bring them back to life
i knew some n-ggas that could rhyme
but the sh-t that’s on they mind be f-cking up they grind
they got children in the world so they ain’t go the time
i made it my obligation to put you back in the lime, n-gga
i shine, you shine, sh-t take time
i’m discussing power moves on the facetime
nowhere to go, n-ggas trapped on the baseline
kick it out to me and watch a n-gga hit the three, game over, yeah
we live in reality, you n-ggas praying to dream
f-ck 0, my n-ggas stay on the beam
i said we headed to the top now

[hook x2]
i said we headed to the top now
[?] we the new rock childs