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lirik lagu 1 train freestyle – fresh squeeze


[fresh squeeze]
my mind is having visions
i’m feeling like a prophet
with the best intentions
i’m tryna f-ck a goddess
i’m from the wrong dimension
it could be catastrophic
i will never forfeit
cus i don’t deal well with losses
you should have been aborted
you should have been swallowed
b-tch i’m a wizard
welcome to deathly hollows
is you tryna fuuuck
i’ll hit you up tomorrow
baby bring a friend cus
i’m tryna hit a combo
i got that good d-ck
you can throw some neck on it
if you say my name you better put some d-mn respeck on it
i know i’m f-cking white but it’s okay to be impressed with it
you are blessed to hear this sh-t that’s how you know i’m heaven sent
in the club throwing tubs not dead presidents
like my girls like my bud
get you high when you hit
flying through beat like a phoenix i’m on fire
lame mc’s you all need to just retire
i’m a kush blowing tyrant
more x than dez bryant
rolling all my r’s like a molly loving pirate
girl you a virgin? do you wanna try it?
what better place to start than sitting up on my d-ck?
maybe on your back while you lyin on the mattress
i wanna meet an actress, who’s -ss is the fattest, and practices acrobatics
then stick her like a cactus
if that girl exists h-t me up lets make it happen
i’m gonna face this dub
while i’m listening to chano
when we making love make yo girl hit soprano
out of this world
feeling like a martian
keep it 3 hunnid
shout out to the spartans
trojan on my d-ck
don’t want a baby mama
yea the kid can spit
spewing out some lava
living just like larry
eyes redder than a lobster
the way i swing the stick
b-tches calling me big papi
mind having migraines
don’t get enough shut eye
it’s really ironic cus i sleep with lots of sl-ts i’m
never gonna quit
til my bank is filled with billions
won’t be content
til two naked brazillians
are laying in my bed
im sick with rhymes
affluenza rapper
cus i got an ill mind
and i don’t give a f-ck
so you gonna have to take it then
ovo sh-t
remind me, who is drake again?
i only know that kid with the wheels from degrasi
i am not the father but these hoes calling me daddy
i stay repping the 81
7 i’m a great one
i’m a movie star, wanna film then
let’s create one
fast forward to the future
sippin codeine in my sp-ceship
f-ck it i’ll take the jet pack
whip it like joe namath
fresh get brain on the reg but he ain’t ’bout that lecture sh-t
i’d rather smoke some bud get a pen and write some better sh-t
bars so rude they calling fresh ignorant
kid may be arrogant but he got some etiquette
fresh kills beats yea the sentence predicated
and the murder meditated
maybe monsters might have made it
if fresh never mutilated
but i’m makin music baby


silence of the lambs
baaaaad-ss rapper
baghdad swagger finna blow up on the internet
how you expect to f-ck
when i ain’t seen them t-tties yet?
got a lot to say but i ain’t even 20 yet
shout out to the homies
and shouts to the day ones
all the f-ckin lames
keep testing all my patience
think my raps are steak sauce
always keep it a1
every move is calculated
i ain’t even asian