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lirik lagu who am i? – frostyofficial



bad to the bone
bad like the f*ckin unknown
jump in head first
i’m gone, like
back to the fold
still f*ckin cold
had my wrist unfroze and my heart
disposed, like
back in my mind
b*tch i been blind
for a long f*ckin time
now i can’t rewind
i been lost in time
running from a new high
traveling through 95
sh*t wrong song
back on the grind
ex on my mind
when i spit the same rhyme
same sh*t new crime
for a b*tch who don’t know
who the f*ck i am
looking like a bozo
to my f*cking fam
like who is this kid
tryna be who he not
slippin dope to a thot
pretty soon he’ll be caught
love slows time
but stress does too
everybody says who
but they staring at the one who’d
rather put bullets inside of his brain
than to talk to the people who call out his name
askin how are you doing is everything good
when he poppin up thirties, way more than he should
but the matter of fact is that he is by fate
the most loneliest person that god had to make
just to serve us one purpose to forfeit our pain
to the most abused person that don’t feel anything
uh, chasing a prophecy that put me into the same f*cking void
uh, forty*four magnum pressed into my brain, i’ll be jumping for joy
uh, living my life just for life to be lived and be played like a toy
uh, what was worth it in earth has been suddenly f*cking destroyed

who am i boy?
i can’t recollect anything at all
who am i boy?
my purpose is to k!ll and f*cking ball

i can’t relive (god has been creeping to see my blood seeping
while i am still sleeping to face all these demons)
i can’t do this (my weakness is breathing that’s ever increasing
and death has cheating but i am still feeding)
i can’t relive (this dream, this illusion i shouldn’t be leading
the screaming and pleading that everything)
i can’t relive this anymore (isn’t as what it may seem but my ass still tweaking, and seeking the pain that will keep me conceding)



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