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lirik lagu 56 t pains isnt crazy (t pain diss track) – future and the gang


[intro: rick ross]

i say ‘f-ck’ a lot
mister hot dog

[chorus: future]

racks on racks on racks
i called u on the phone
i called u on my phone
i called u on a phone
please for the love god lets go out for dinner
i f-cking hate getting gas

[verse 1: kodak black]

my mom named me after a camera
im on that new level
i just rick rolled u xd
owo whats this
the other day it was halloween
t pain stole they are apple jacks
what a d-ck
i f-cking hate t pain, n-word
pusha t is better
can these folks shut the f-ck up
i yelled rlly loud im sorry
im on the new level

[verse 2: drake]

i wanna go to chuck e cheese
take me to chuck e cheese right f-cking now
im on top u are on bottom
thats how gravity works
future yells a lot
i asked pusha t if future yells a lot
he said yea
so its true like two chainz
lol that was rly funny
u know what else is funny
how did the chicken cross the road

[chorus: future]

all my keys
i got two

[verse 3: the weeknd]

future yelled in a box of cherrios
i put my d-ck into a smoothie
im such an -sshole
my mom named me after a camera
cheese whiz tastes good if u close ur eyes
i got a haircut it looks ok
put ur shoe into an elevator
do it right now

[verse 4: steve (future)]

my name is paul (lying sack of sh-t!!!)
i just wanted bread (get the f-ck out of my house!!!!!!!!)

[chorus: future]

f-ck that guy
i like frozen yogurt
so i got some frozen yogurt
i ate the frozen yogurt
d-mn that was good
the frozen yogurt was good
frozen yogurt is food
thats why i ate it

[verse 4 the actual verse four: lil wayne]

f-ck steve
and f-ck t pain
and f-ck clams casino i hate that guy
i just took a sh-t in an amazon box
drake u never finished ur joke
kylie jenner is on this song
trust me okay
kylie jenner is going to be on this song
u can’t even catch a ball with ur eyes closed
i can

[verse 5: lil uzi “diddy kong”‘ vert (lil wayne]

kylie jenner is not on the song (f-ck!)

[chorus: future (jay z)]

where is jay z i need to talk to him
where is he
i said where is he!!!!!!
(hey future what is it my n word)
do u have rhe keys (yea)
okay thats not important
(okay so what it is)
i forgot why i wanted to talk to u
(i f-cking hate you future)
(jk ur cool)
thanks jay i love u
(no h-m- right)

[verse 6: kanye west (everyone else on the track)]

everybody needs to shut the f-ck up
i hate when people double dip
why u gotta fight with me at cheesecake
u know i love to go there

[interlude: pusha t]

all my friends do is go to the house
scream into the microphone
have arguements and sh-t
and post it on soundcloud
well im tired of it
im just going to dairy queen to get a five dollar foot long
i wonder what those guys are doing right now

[verse 7: daft punk]

im a robots
beep boop
guys wheres pusha t

[verse 8: ti]

f-ck pusha t i dont give a sh-t
and f-ck drinking with a straw im a man
guys i found a backpack
lets look inside it
omg theres a note in it

[chorus: future]

holy sh-t guys
i just realized something
drake never finished his joke
oh my god the track can’t end yet
for the love of god it can’t end yet

[verse 9: dj khaled]


[outro: strong bad]

it’s over!!!!