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lirik lagu 200 – future


[intro: young thug]
everything right
everything right
everything right
everything right
all these n-gg-s
everything right, you back in givenchy
i only drink actavis, i’m on a diet
i’ma chase it like hussain
all this money bring a n-gg- new pain (woah, woah, woah)
yeah, yeah

[chorus: young thug]
i got at least 200 hoes
fresh to death, and i leave my current in a doze
up and down you ain’t receive nothin’ ’bout this dough
and these hundreds ain’t goin’ nowhere like a moat

[verse 1: young thug]
i bought my moms a car, it felt amazin’
my n-gg-s bangin’ burgundy like the redskins
i got all type of tattoos on my f-ckin’ shin
i was in a white and red maybach like peppermints
i’ve been blown a mil’ on jewelry, but it’s past tense
super charge it, make it sound like it’s raggly
i’m ridin’ with the cutter, i’m blood like my brothers, a mac 10
diamonds on me talkin’, they har-ssin’
no shoulda, coulda, woulda, i got these racks in
came a long way from a chevy
now we spend millions on cribs
you get somethin’ too, don’t trip
my eyes ’bout low as a brim
i smoke the tree limb, tree limb
no gang, big deal