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lirik lagu 0 to 100 (remix) – futuristic


[part 1: 0 to 100]

yo, pour some water out for these thirsty hoes

yo, zero to a hundred, i been g-ssing with no brakes
y’all suck like a b-tch with a straw who just ordered four shakes
your lyrics or my girlfriend’s t-tties, which one is more fake?
probably her t-tties but that’s besides the point
f-ck it i’m causing a ruckus, destruction on every song
i’ll make you probably loop this hook
and tell your friends you got a song with drake
i stand behind my bars like a prison, i send them guards away
n-ggas disses start moving and ducking like the harlem shake
i’m in the middle of being n0body
and being somebody who running the game
i never pay to get into the club
and i’m rocking my hat, i ain’t tucking my chain
these week n-ggas hating, i’m jumping off stage
they see that i made it, they can’t do the same
they’re all on my twitter hashtag f-ck that n-gga
then go to mcdonald’s get minimum wage
i made enough and now that my cake is up
i let my people eat like when play with ducks, give them bread (quack)
we cool as f-ck and now that i’m brosing up
i p-ss them hoes to my cousins long as it ain’t in my bed
that’s a go ahead, like we just took the lead
my record is getting spine-rooney, booker t
futuristic get it popping, i cook with grease
i’m running circles around these n-ggas like i got crooked feet
zero to a hundred you punt it i bet i run it back
any beat, i beat it, i treat it like it’s a punching bag
y’all old news like stories you hear when you have lunch with dad
who’s your favorite rapper? they picking me like a f-cking scab
f-ck swag, got sauce strip in all over me
she sleep in my polo tee, have your b-tch bring me groceries
used to play with her ovaries, that’s why she can’t get over me
over seas on the balcony looking over i over see

so i guess that mean it’s over, right?
i’m pretty sure that’s what it means buddy

[part 2: the catch up]

yeah, got a little bit more to say though

yo, this rap sh-t is my p-ssion, it happen second nature
i been doing music since i was a second grader
moving up in the game, but without a escelator
touring and meeting b-tches, tell them that i’ll text them later
do me a favor and purchase my album when it drops
they don’t wanna bop, don’t wanna cop
something’s that’s extra hot
any girl that wanna tie me down, gon’ need a extra knot
i need a chick that’s flexible, like strechy socks
and i don’t rap to get credit where i live at
i rap for the map, so i can tell you where i been at
so you can tell me stories, i’ll say i already did that
i’m working on other sk!lls, like doing homework in gymcl-ss
i told my momma i’d be famous in a year
that was three years ago, f-ck
i bet she’s like, d-mn, when you gonna catch a break
you always come over and eat all the food
and you never fold up your blankets, sh-t
i just wanna tell her that i made it, i’m a monster
momma look what you created, bet you hate it
when you play it and you notice i’m not that boy you was raising
i’m a man who’s out here looking for a place
always getting faded, pictures, making crazy faces
if they knew what i was facing they probably couldn’t take it
traveling local ’bout to drop they all been waiting
they all been waiting

yeah and like, i really just wanted to f-cking come in here
and record some sh-t because i’m tired of waiting for that sh-t too
i’m tryna drop something
so i could watch my twitter all f-cking day
like, oh my god you k!lled that track
you’re so much better than drake, please nut on my face, yes
could it be the way that i can’t sing but i sing anyway
anyway could it be the way?
and if you didn’t know, download at
tell friend, tell a ho, tell your wife, tell your mom, tell john
tell your neighbour, tell your sister, i get with her
i mean just downlodad that sh-t, yeah
cause this gon’ be the last thing free you get
the next sh-t is for sale, n-gga and prices is going up, n-gga
but i’m still the same dude if you want me to sign your dog
or your face or your grandma’s b00b
cause she probably only has one, i’ll do that sh-t
yeah and i am ’bout to drop traveling local in like four days
thank you, thank you