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lirik lagu on the radar (freestyle) – g-eazy


deliver us
deliver us what we need, gerry
if i’m not on the radar, what the*
young gerald (yee)
yeah, yeah g
yeah, yeah g
yeah, hey, yeah g
what’s that sound?

yeah, uh, treat this sh*t like a sport
i eat this beat with my bare hands, no silverware, no fort
i really brought dmx out, one of my first shows in new york now
i get free tix to see the knicks, i put ricks on the court
yeah, finally getting my flowers, watch me headline at the garden
try to diss me, beg your pardon, you should step back like jamеs harden
yeah, ten yеars in this rap game, but i still work like i’m starving
that means late nights, early mornings
you know what time i’m on, f*cker, yeah
you sh*ttin’ me or kiddin’ me?
i seen them shots you sent at me, but i’m not dead, nor is chivalry
and this ain’t mortal kombat, your girl’s the only one who can finish me
it’s not my fault she’s in a g, and we don’t f*ck with your energy
i look around this rap game, see a whole lot of mini*me
i listen to your new sh*t, i mean, mmm, it’s givin’ g
but you’re not me, elite flow and delivery
i’m at the multi*platinum lunch table and a lot of y’all can’t sit with me, yeah
so let’s even up the score
three homes in three cities, l.a. to bay, new york
i’m in soho, listenin’ to hov, fell in love with the allure
you pocket watch in my walk*in closet, look like a ysl store
compare me to y’all rappers, we can argue who sells more
but i’m thinkin’ bout a three*letter word
i’m pretty sure it spells war
so who’s legendary more?
i got legendary lore
cause when it comes to s*x in hollywood
i’m a legendary wh0re
yeah, ayy, body counts in the thousands
i think it’s bout time to rally up the battalion
i’m back on my bullsh*t once i finish this album
i’m speedin’ up, might have to tap back in with the stu*
yeah, ayy, i’m really that fella
been thinkin’ bout the one who headliner friday, coach*lla, too, yeah
could do this sh*t no sweat, and i would keep goin’ but for now
that’s all you get, on the radar, young gerald, yee!
see g*eazy live
get tickets as low as $64

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