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lirik lagu bucks – g milla, sean leon


lyrics incomplete

get wild, we get [?]
pull up, more [guns?]
woke up, my d*ck suck’d
roll up, a sixth blunt
pull up, [?]
big blunt, [?]
get wild, we get [ugh?]
pull up, [we get ?]

[verse 1* g milla]
see my vision, i see vivid
i see angels, i see demons
cradle in his grave, never sleep’n
best in the cave, i’m the demon
i haven’t slept, since the fetus
high*tech, we already leanin’
pull up, crime scene
guns up, n*ggas pledge allegiance

[verse 2* sean leon]
nowadays, keep it tucked
[?] toys, christmas stuff
suit ‘n tie, business stuff
hit my line, when its up
get up high, split it up
with my guys, give a cut [cuh?]
[they?] go crazy, we go buck
you sad, cuz i’m up
get bags, bigger bucks
six flags, in the truck
whiplash, whippin’ up
think fast, its just us
no mask, in the cut [cuh?]

[verse 3* g milla]
whiplash, with the truck
thick [ass?], pourin’ [dust?]

get wild, we get [?]
pull up, more blunts
woke up, my d*ck suck’d
roll up, a sixth blunt
pull up, a [?]
big blunt, [?]
get wild, we get [?]
pull up, [we get ?]

[verse 4* g milla]
take your life for a test drive
x5, f*ck my ex
xi, pearl white skin, [petty line?]
pull up, henny time
spend no penny on a [?]
talkin’ money on the line (yuh)

[verse 4* sean leon]
please don’t cry out for the wicked
hardcore limits (ey)
blunts blowin’, its a blizzard (ey)
[?], f*ck these b*tches

insane, insane, insane, insane (x4)