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lirik lagu 0 to 100 freestyle – g $money


i know
i ain’t saying sh-t n-gga
but the way i spit
fuh sure
i’m a get bigga
kush on the team
don’t smoke
got the thing with the beam.
money say move
n-gga more than a lean
now @ the b-tch stage
she don’t know me
but your chick
wanna engage
i broke that rib cage
she wants a divorce
cause i
hit her like a rampage
she complaining on my fan page
i don’t give her g’s
break bread
oh plz
chicks on my d-ck
g let a hoe breathe
chick so getto
bet the b-tch can’t read
sorry you ain’t the one hoe
can’t carry my seed
haters better heed
my team be g’d
that’s og
f-ck around n-gga
you don’t know me
nemo, that’s my kobe
known in the game
f-ck the old me
now it cost a grand
just to hold me
i wanna make it like eminem
but these feminine
haters pull me back
so i’m k!lling em
a tried to sell me out for cheap
when he found out
i knew
he knew
he broke the streak