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lirik lagu 009 – g-spade


cause you sink so low
so low, you lie to see a naked woman
what the fap is happening
lie to get thumbs on those tainted photos
you know this ain’t feel right
but that’s the feeling you live for, what can i do ?
you lie into their eyes, ears with what they want to hear
you look into your own eyes, you can’t
you know where the holes are and you put false hope in
make them happy to plenish your greed
feed on these little words till your eyes bleed
cause you sink so low
so low, all you have is your words
words that twist and turn to your tongue
only to your tongue
because you know you did this to yourself
kurt cobain
you like to enjoy these little things
mike jackson
but what do you gain, does it ease the pain
pain on your brain cause he left your lane
tainted minds and painted faces
for a 30 second pole you sell yourself
better tell yourself your better off without yourself