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lirik lagu 30 seconds at a time – gabe lee


[verse 1]
there’s a spot out by the train tracks
all the local girls and boys like to get stoned
their minds are filled with destinations
but they ain’t nearly brave enough to go alone

so they wander through the railyard
makin’ faces at the moon
the only trick they’ve ever been taught to do
to take a breath and close their eyes
thirty seconds at a time

[instrumental break]

[verse 2]
there’s a park outside the city
a former psychic calls her home
she’s half as old and twice as pretty
as the doctors misreport would have you know

she has a vision every morning
she sees the world through busted shards of glass
and sellin’ last week’s magazine outside the laundromat
slowin’ down traffic at the light
thirty seconds at a time

[instrumental break]

[verse 3]
bumped into jesus at a diner
where he was blessin’ a bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese
now there’s a man who spends his whole life fightin’ evil
best fill that boy up on all the carbs that he can eat

he says, “the king’s buffet upstairs is overcrowded
and the tv’s always stuck on cnn”
he says he just wants to catch the score before the work comes in
fast food commercials fl!cker by
thirty seconds at a time