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lirik lagu never fade – gabrielle aplin


pinning polaroids on a cold brick wall,
hanging fairy lights on the garden porch,
gravitating to the nearest brawl,
we’re only young so we’ll come back for more

and we’ll let lanterns off at midnight,
looking for that cinematic view,
we don’t listen to advice,
we’re living dreams of sweet maroon

sweet maroon [x8]

this isn’t over till it ends,
this is the one thing that we want to keep,
and when it’s gone we’ll still pretend
cos we’re the ones that never sleep

never sleep [x8]

lights are burning fast in front of us,
our money is inside collecting dust,
we stay awake at night,
we don’t wanna waste a second of our time

of our time [x8]

we only lie when asked if we’re okay,
we lock ourselves up, we only pray,
that we won’t be the sterling silver that turns grey,
we are the sparks that never fade

never fade [x8]