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lirik lagu the sun – game voice


here’s the sun
not the rain
i am pleasure
why choose pain
we’re not city
we’re united
not annoyed
we’re delighted
i’m excited
for some fun

girl, this ride has just begun

they scoring points
i get home runs
don’t be sad
here’s the sun

(verse 1)
ima put you straight on the guest list
ticking all off these names on my checklist
they’re all still behind you
you’re the bestest
you’re b*tton yeah i pressed it
we’re here, who would of guessed it
made moves
you approved
now we balling
jumped from my plane
in the rain
now she falling
never ever stalling
of course the money came
stayed the same
10 figures when they mention my name

angels have been sent to me
devils think they’re tempting me
she’s right here
it’s meant to be
get your chick
she’s leant on me
she is tryna empty me

say what you want enough times and you’ll get it
trust me that’s a trick i promise you will not regret it

just look what we have planned
i’m going vegan ham
keep it on the dl
no need to tell your man
even rainbows don’t exist without the sun
stacks of cash up in my hand, all these b*tches wanting some
she’d fly around the world just so she could make me cum
she’s drinking wine i’m drinking rum
we’re living life
we’re having fun

same people from the start
all this money from my art
now i’m on but off the charts
i came first
you played your part

they acting like they got a
i’m a trendsetter
i’m still getting money getting better
they still sending love letters

whole new upgrade
new and improved
superior groove
getting in the mood
she finishing with you
now she’s coming straight for me
doesn’t matter is she’s g*y
she is turning straight for me
supercharged s*x
way better than your ex
you know that we’re the best
making me want to invest
oh yeah now it’s my turn
she so hot, this might burn
there is so much left
i still took a right turn

i’m jetting off to spain
all these rappers sound the same
all my debts are paid
how much do you still owe?
i’m feeling like i’m lizzo
more head than the cold side of the pillow
now we’re off to amarillo

yeah he’s okay
but nothing tops my s*x
they’d climb the tallest wall
just to l!ck it like an ibex
i’m trying to get changed
why you tryna look at my chest
you think it’s hot now
wait till i give it my best

yeah it got flavour
once you got a taste
you can’t get enough
you’ll never put a drop to waste
bought a new house
now she’s round at my place
she wants a massage on her back
then it all on her face

all inclusives
and cruise ships
keyboards and acoustics
you can try compete but
we the best to do this
everything i do i do for family and for friends
i will treat them all
and we will ball until the end
if you are broken i will mend
fix you up and overspend
all my money a ring
i remember everything
we’re going on a trip
which car shall i bring?

i’m heading for greatness
you’re heading for disaster
you’re acting like the student
when you know that you’re the master
if you fell for the bate
then you know who’s winning
if you fell into the trap
then you know who’s grinning
the sun has arrived
you are too late
yeah you have to work
you can’t just wait
still got things to do
won’t put my time to waste
i’m still in up in these haters mouth
tell me i

i am sun
then i’m rain
i am pleasure
why choose pain
he is city
i’m united
he’s p*ssed off
i’m delighted
i’m excited
for some fun

girl, this ride has just begun

they scoring points
i get home runs

don’t be sad

here’s the sun